CNC milling parts

Supplier: Dersin
Application: Manufacturing
Supply Ability: 700
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

We offer expert machine tools that are created to provide everybody with access to CNC technologies, with 3 distinct lines of prepared-to-assemble CNC Router and Plasma machine kits, along with step-by-step instructional materials and help. Urethane casting also called vacuum casting and polyurethane casting, this procedure want make a master model by CNC or 3d printing process, then use this master model to make a silicone mold which use it to copy more same components, It is a low cost way for generating low volume plastic components.

Tolerance: ISO2768-F

Process: CNC milling

Material: AL6061-T6

QC: ROHS Compliant

MOQ: 1 Piece

OEM/ODM: OEM ODM Machining Service

Finish: Clear anodize

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