1.How can l contact you?

Our customer service team operate from Monday to Saturday 8:00am-19:30pm

If you need the urgent assistance, please contact us by email: [email protected], Tel: 86(769) 22248309 Ext:8008  Mobile:86-(0)15322856317

2.Where is the product made?

It's made in China

3.What's your principle products and or services?

Machining of custom parts in a wide range of metal and plastic materials in accordance with customer supplied drawings.

4.Is your company's quality management system registered to ISO9001?

Yes, our company is certified with ISO9001:2015.

5.What's your MOQ?

We have no MOQ requirement, and low volume is acceptable for us.

6.What's your production leadtime?

Our production lead time is 5-15days, and we have enough production capacity to fulfill customer’s urgent demand.

7.Do you advise customers if promised ship dates of orders change?

Yes, Dersin updates the order status to customers per week, and will advise to cusotmer in advance if the promised ship dated will be changed.

8.How do you track the production status?

Dersin is using the ERP system to make the production planning, and could track the production status timely through the system.

9.How do you deal with product's complaints?

Dersin shall work out the corrective action plan and send to customers in 24 hours, and 8D report will provided in 2 working days.

10.How do you ensure the product's quality?

Dersin have four inspection processes to ensure the product’s quality: incoming material inspection, process  inspection, outcoming material inspection, and final shipment sampling inspection.

11.What's your packaging?

Generally we prefer to wooden box packaging for exporting products, and we also can customize the package according to customer’s requirement. 

12.How do you ship out the products?

Dersin can make the air shipment and sea shipment according to customer’s requirement