High Performance Stainless Steel Machined Part Manufacturer

Material: Stainless Steel
Control: CNC
Supply Ability: 750
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

We have been generating custom cnc parts for customers about the world more than the previous many decades, and the cnc parts we made are widely employed in nearly all industries, such as those requiring strict high precision and good quality such as health-related equipment, aviation, defense industry, etc. CNC parts with thin walls have a tendency to chatter, which slows down machining can also lead to distortion, which tends to make it difficult to machine them accurately. The result can be extra machine time and cost. You could test your innovated products after you receive the assembled parts.

The Plans & Information section of this site includes detailed machine assembly guidelines, product setup guides, total sets of 3D viewable plans for a lot of of our machines and components, and our Design and style and Make series of video project tutorials. New content material is added usually, and our plans and instructions are updated frequently. This is one particular of the most Reliable Control Method for CNC Machines from China. We also give service support for fitting the components on the machines.

Tolerance: ISO2768-F

Process: CNC Turning, Drilling, 4 axis CNC Milling

Material: SuS316

QC: ROHS Compliant

MOQ: 1 Piece

OEM/ODM: OEM ODM Machining Service

Finish: N/A

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