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Introduction of jigs and Fixtures

Tooling, or process equipment: refers to the various tools used in the manufacturing process. Including tool / fixture / tooling / gauge / fixture / tool / tool / equipment fitter etc.. Tooling for general purpose.
Tooling is divided into special tooling / Universal tooling / standard tooling (similar to standard parts).
Fixture: as the name implies, a device for clamping a workpiece (or guiding a tool).
A device used to define the shape and size of a production object.
Cutter: the cutting tools used in the mechanical manufacturing are basically used for cutting metal materials.
AIDS: generally used for connecting tool and machine tool.
Locksmith tools: all kinds of tools used in the locksmith work.
A device for storing objects or tools in a work place or warehouse.
Fixture: the instrument used in the production inspection.
Fixture: manufacturing systems, the word corresponding to fixture, sometimes work with synonyms, sometimes also refers to the general fixture, Taiwan / Japanese / Korean electronics companies use the word.
Fixture belongs to tooling, fixture includes fixture, belonging to the subordinate relationship.