Prototype Service Custom Titanium Parts CNC Precision Machining

Origin: China
MOQ: 1 piece
Supply Ability: 800
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

We have been generating custom cnc parts for consumers around the world over the past several decades, and the cnc parts we made are widely utilized in almost all industries, including these requiring strict higher precision and good quality such as medical gear, aviation, defense market, etc. They are mostly used to give an further gripping force for component machining. For lengthy components machining they supply additional force on the other finish so machining approach can comprehensive smoothly. You can see in the above image at the one finish chuck is gripping the component and on the other finish tailstock is offering the additional force.

Tolerance: ISO2768-F

Process: CNC machining, Slow speed wire cutting, Drilling, Grinding

Material: Titanium TC-4

QC: ROHS Compliant

MOQ: 1 Piece

OEM/ODM: OEM Machining Service

Finish: N/A

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