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What is the automatic chemical fixture?

Automatic chemical fixture is used to process the workpiece quickly, is the machine tool, the workpiece to maintain the correct relative position of the process device. That is to say the fixture is an essential part of mechanical processing, the development of high speed and efficient, precise, complex, intelligent and environmental protection in the direction of machine technology driven, fixture technology is towards high precision, high efficiency, module, combination, general economic direction.

The fixture and fixture. In a broad sense, any process in the process of rapid, convenient and safe installation of the workpiece, can be called a fixture. Such as welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture, machine tool fixture, etc.. One of the most common machine tool fixture, referred to as fixture.

In the processing machine parts, requirements for the size and geometry of the workpiece surface to achieve drawing and other surface mutual position precision, must be installed before processing the workpiece (location), to (clamp).

Application of machine tool fixture, to ensure that the workpiece machining accuracy, stable product quality; to improve production efficiency and reduce cost; improve the working conditions of workers, to ensure the safety of production; conducive to machine technology to expand the scope of implementation, the use of a machine".

A fixture is usually the positioning element (to determine the correct position of a workpiece in the fixture), clamping device, tool guide element (to determine the tool and workpiece relative position or direction guiding tool), indexing device (processing, so that the workpiece can complete the number of stations in a single setup of the rotary indexing device and a mobile line dividing device two), connecting element and fixture (jig base).